This website contains a summary of the book Outlive by Peter Attia, MD. The book is about how to live longer while maintaining a better quality of life. It is incredibly well-written, and I highly recommend you read it or listen to the audio book. It’s so good that as I was reading it, I struggled to think of anybody who I wouldn’t recommend it to—I would love for every member of my family to read it, along with all my friends and work colleagues. This book is incredibly important, not only for people in midlife and beyond, but also for those in their 20s and 30s. No matter our age, the best time to learn all this is now.

But at 500 pages long, the book requires a meaningful time investment that not everyone is able to make. This is what led me to create this website. Below you will find a detailed walkthrough of the book which takes roughly one hour to read, along with a very high-level summary and cheat sheet which takes 15 minutes to read. In reading this, you will lose much of the flavor and storytelling that helps weave all the key points together, but you will get all the key points. These are simple, well-founded guiding principles about improving the core areas of our health and preventing the leading causes of death.

Blue highlights means a particular behavior or action is recommended.

Yellow highlights means a particular test, scan, or measurement is recommended.

Red highlights means a particular medication or supplement is recommended.

If you find this material useful, I encourage you to read or listen to the original book to help solidify these points in your mind through the additional context and artful storytelling. You can also listen to Peter’s podcast interview about the book. Please note that I have not included links to the scientific studies referenced in the book—if you want to follow up, you’ll need to consult the references section of the book.

Please feel free to share this website widely. Feedback and comments can be sent to [email protected].

Detailed book overview (1 hour)

High-level summary and cheat sheet (15 minutes)

Please consider sharing this website with at least one person you think could benefit from it. It could be your parents, your extended family, or a friend. And again, I strongly encourage you to buy the book or the audiobook—you won’t regret it.

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